New puppy coming home on Saturday!!

  • Well I am gonna let Scarlett be our most loved and precious without the showing part of things but sounds like something I shall look into for a future basenji…I have so much to learn right now and she deserves the best I can give without the ups and downs of showing. It would be awesome to have a little champion in the house!

  • Walter, some dogs love to show, some, not so much. IMO, I would never say until you see the b full grown and social.
    My friend Lisa Saban has a b that at one time was thought NOT to be a show dog.
    Now he is a double Ch. AND he loves it.
    So, laugh, the b might not give you a choice. giggle.

  • Thanks for the advice!

  • Psssst - Hi from your Oregon pals! Dude & Ono can't wait to meet their new buddy! Have you picked a name yet? Count my vote for Turbo!

  • I just saw your note about naming him something that goes with Mr. Moonlight - I will have to think and let you know if I come up with anything good 🙂

  • Names that have 2 syllables and end on an up-note (y or ie) are easy on the tongue and ear and have a happy sound. Think about how it will sound yelled in the dark in your neighborhood or in public!
    A locally 'famous' dog trainer told us years ago that he gives this advice to people: if you want a happy, friendly dog don't name him "Brutus", name him "Buddy", he even had clients change their dog's name to a lighter sound.
    I'm sure when you get him, the right name will come to you.

  • welcome!

    mr. moonlight always makes me think of field of dreams

  • and think of how it's going to sound when you shorten it down to one syllable, which we inevitably do.

  • Psst Libby… Turbo is my vote too 😉

  • a name that goes with moonlight… follow my crazy thought process here... dancin' in the moonlight... van morrison... and it's st. patrick's day... van morrison's irish... so how about morris?!? such a little old man name, but i love it. and you could sing van morrison songs to him all the time!

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