New camera new pics!!!!
First Basenji's

Some of the pics are blurry but hilarious I figured Dolce would like to make others smiles so I am sharing her pics blurry or not! She is showing off her Basenji skills from making the bed, giving high fives, praying, and sleeping upside down from the top of the couch like a bat explains why her ears are so big… she is just a ball of awesomeness, craziness, and love!!

Multi talented and cute too! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

She is so unique looking, amazing how they grow into their markings, what seemed quite a big feature on Kaiser is now a lot smaller, she looks lovely.

Jolanda and Kaiser

First Basenji's

When I saw her original puppy pics I was so focused on what she was going to look like when she got older if the white around her blue eye would make her look very different from most Basenji's. I can say I love how unique she is just like her mommy ❤ she is ma baby!

She is unique looking and very cute. 🙂

What a funny girl– and cute as a button!

First Basenji's

I know this is might be weird but I adore her blue eye I almost wish B's came in a blue eyed version!

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