• Here are some new pics of my Lillie (or as I call her my Lillie girl). She is sleeping while resting her head on a wooden ashtray stand. I guess she found that comfortable. Go figure!:D Also, some pics of a new barbecue nylabone that my son picked out for her.


  • Great pictures, Jodie! Lillie is precious!

  • Aren't they cute when they're not being bad ie awake?

  • LOL, she looks sweet enough to be a trouble maker….she looks like she could be planning her next adventure in the house!! So cute.

  • So cute!! Still love that spot!

  • How cute…great pix...love em'...

  • Lillie looks so sweet! I too like her spot - distinguishing from all the tri's. I just love looking at tri's. How's that rib bone holding up? I saw those at the pet store today. Not sure if it would last around here. Thanks for sharing your Lillie girl pics Jodie.

  • Adorable! I love that little thumbprint spot on her head!

  • Hi! I, too, am in love with Lillie's spot or as I call it "the black diamond". The nylabone is still around. Lillie has not shown too much interest in it after the first day we gave it to her. Although, today, we took her to the pet store and bought her a bully stick. I decided to go with the small one to see if she liked it. Boy did she like it! It took her 15 minutes to gobble that up. Now I can buy her the braided one. I never know with her as she tends to be "picky". What surprises me the most is that she has no interest in peanut butter. She is my first dog who does not like it. My other dogs, if I let them, would eat a peanut butter sandwich. The only thing that Lillie likes with peanut butter is the frosty paws peanut butter flavored ice cream. I guess I can't blame her!:D I hope to post more pics with Lillie and her new bed in the near future.


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