My New Friends and Me!! *Pics*

`Dog Park Fun!! Thought some of these might make you smile:D I know Geoff and I Did!!!

**Hi, My Name is Maverick, and I LOVE the Dog Park!!! I made some new Friends Take a Look!!

This is Joey!!

He is Kinda Tall…but I look Up to him!

TAG!!! Youre IT!!

WOAH! That was a Close one!

GET That CORN Outa Mye FaCCe!!! (for you Nacho Libre Fans)

AWW, You Got me Joey!

Woooahhh Where did this Guy come FROM!!

Hey Youre MY Size!!

Aww Man, Not Fair, You tagged me outa No where!


Eww…Snot Bubbles!!

Oooohh…Hey there Pretty Girl!

Tag!!! CHASE ME!!!



Kisses from Maya For ME!!?? BAROOOO ROOO


BTW That was Maverick First Kiss from a Girl!!! AWWWWWWWW

Great pics. Looks like Maverick had a wonderful time…and his first girl kiss...OH, MY!! Although, in that last picture it looks like he might be thinking, "girl cooties, eww!" or, maybe, "girl cooties, mmmm!"

Awh, it's so good to see Maverick, a happy basenji puppy is in the hands of such good owners…:) It breaks my heart to think of these little guys in cages or handled by those people who don't care about them!

*see my most recent post under BASENJI TALK for what prompted this LOL

Great photos! I LOVE being at dog park. Such fun, watching the dogs play.

Looks like a fun day for all the dog, I am thinking!
Thank you for sharing these photos.

Great pics, your B sure is having a great time.

How old is your pup? In the dog park in my area they told me the dog needs to be at least six months old to be accepted in, which I actually found to be pretty fair and just.

Not here, its kinda whatever you feel is okay. There is a small dog enclosure and a large dog, but Mavericks FAVORITE friends are bigger than him…its weird. But he does GREAT! he is Three Months tho, soon to be four

Those are some great pictures, he looks like he had a blast! The Husky girl is a doll (and a flirt)!!!:D

Great pictures!!! He is a very very handsome boy!!!

I like the Alaska Malamute…. Wow and the dog Joey!!! (is that a pure bred dog?)

Joey is cute!!!! 😃
Love the pictures!! Great to see him play with the big dogs 😃

i know!! Joey is Beautiful right!!? I couldnt stop Looking at him when they were playing together!

Lovely pictures, he looks like he had a lot of fun, I wish we had some dog parks in the UK.

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