• Here are some more photos of Beeji. The ones on my bed were done while we were working on being calm.


  • He is really a handsome boy! I know it must be hard keeping him calm… How does he seem to be feeling?

  • What command do you use to calm Beeji. He looks calm or he's just trying to please you. He looks like a li'l strong power house. How much does he weigh?

  • Beeji is 24 pounds of pure muscle!! at least when he wants to pull and play. He does want to please me and what works is that he loves his belly rubs. So I will get in bed or sit beside the bed and he will hop on the bed and I rub his belly. It is like it puts him in a trance.

    plus we had just done a nice long walk when several of these photos were taken. I use the command easy when we are walking and he doesn't pull or strain. I did that at first for me since I broke my back and can't go up and down steps easily so when we would first go outside, he would want to rush down the steps.

    I would say easy and hold him on a tight lead, now when he hears easy, he slows down. both on and off lead.

    But don't let him fool you, he wanted to take off on a Beeji 500 in the backyard and did get afast one in before I called his name and he stopped, gave me a look like I know I know and then slowly began sniffing around! LOL

  • He is very muscular…thanks for sharing more of his beautiful pictures!

  • ditto to what everyone said! he looks sooooo sweet. i love the boys, they are soo handsome, i love the girls too. i am a sucker.

  • Good Job CherylWordWeaver!! He looks very calm too me 😃 😃 What a good boy. I knew the long walk would work for him. It's just a practical way to let them let out their energy & come home to relax….most time HA HA 😃

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