New pics of Mirtillo

Took some new pics this weekend. In the other threats of Mirtillo the pictures are gone, because I really had to reorganize my photobucket..

I hope I can add pictures to my member gallery soon. Then I don't have to bore you with Mirtillo's pics anymore 😉

bf and Mirtillo

Mirtillo looking at some horses

New friends.. and me running :o

Mirtillo and Cheyenne

Mirtillo and Cyranó

and Mirtillo in puppyclass

Yeah.. we had a busy weekend..

You did have a busy weekend! Looks like it was full of very fun adventures!

You do NOT bore us with your pictures of Mirtillo! Keep them coming. I like to see his adventures with all the big animals. He lives an exciting life for a little guy! I like the one where he is nose to nose with Cheyenne.


Oh you better keep the pictures coming LOL…....So cute thank you for sharing. I love the pictures with the horses.

Looks like Mirtillo is having a wonderful life with you! So many sights and smells and adventures. And I am NEVER bored by photos of him.

Anne in Tampa

Sound like a nice we

You aren´t boring I love the pic´s of Mirtillo on his different adventures in the animal kingdom 🙂

Very cool photos.
Love the one with the horse.
Keep them coming, please.

Beautiful pics, as usual! He is a lovely puppy! What a face!

Those are some great pictures!
Were you in a dog park in those pics?


Those are some great pictures!
Were you in a dog park in those pics?

There are no dog parks in the Netherlands. 😞

Puppytraining is on a sport field. We are allowed to use it if we keep it clean.

And thank you for the compliment 🙂

Thank you all for the compliments! I feel like I'm maybe posting too much pics.. but if you all don't mind, I'll keep them coming. 🙂

Mirtillo really loves everything he sees and smells. He loves other dogs and the horses. And he loves, loves, loves to go on a car ride.. When we go for our walk and walk past the car he is standing there like: "Uh.. I think this is our car.."

Love those pictures! Mirtillo is quite the social butterfly!! :p

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