Tenji new pics

Well i haven't put any pics of Tenji in awhile so here's a couple i took over the last few weeks.

He couldn't wait until morning to investigate the first snowfall!

And was more than happy to go back to sleep once he was done investigating.

We also had a very colorful sunset a few weeks ago!

I adore the pictures of him in 'his' bed!

I love the last one in the chair. He looks like a confident little guy!

All pics are great :)! Thanks for sharing.

Great pictures love the sleeping B and blankets and nice sunset. Thank you for sharing.

Rita Jean

How adorable!

What a cutie! Great pics!

First Basenji's

Coziness of Basenji is directly proportional to length of stretch.
ā€¦ that is, he's obviously very comfortable. šŸ™‚

Gorgeous sunset, too.

Lovely pics of your boy - imagine the mind of him out in the snow: "Gotta get that snowflake, got it, now there is another one, gotta get that one, got it, wow there is still more, gotta get all of them!"

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