Some new Pics

Here's some new pics of "the troops" I got a new camera recently so i have been buggging them taken pics left and right lol 🙂

Doggie butts !!! lol


Heres a couple more 🙂 some of them aren't that great but that don't like waiting for me to snap pictures lol 🙂

I was trying to put a couple real cute ones in here but it says i need to resize them as soon as i figure out how i will load them 🙂


Very cute.

what cute doggies!

what a chuncky monkey i LOVE LOVE it!!! hehee. My Jack is a skinny boy, he is just lean looks skinny, but weighs 29lbs! Hes very active that must be it!! Lol…But seriously, ADORABLE!!!

Yep He sure is the other 2 gain about 2 pds winter weight and lose it just as quick phoenix my B on the other hand 😞 He went to the vet not to long ago and she said he should lose about 2 to 3 lbs here i was thinking she was really gonna give me crap cuz i thought he had to lose about 10 lol He's working on it but it's a Slow process lol Once summer comes he should lose it quick getting out for alot longer periods when it's warmer 🙂 ….. He wanted to me write in his defense he just ate when i took that picture and hadn't done is after eating burp yet so maybe he looks alittle more "fluffy" in it haha 🙂

WOW looking at the pic of him standing on all 4's and the side of him WOW he looks like alittle piglet lol

Here's a couple more pics 🙂 I think phoenix is going to hunt my camera down so he can eat it and i will stop pointing that flashy thing at him lol

I thought the one in the dark with his eyes looked pretty funny i always say he is poss est and i think that pic proves it haha 🙂 also apparently my little sweet cheyanne makes a good foot rest for him lol 😉

What a handsome family you have there 🙂

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