Simba and his new friend!

Just thought i would share some pics of my B simba and his new friend Gizmo a 14 week papillon puppy.

AAaaawwwwwww they look so cute together!!! Looks like Simba really likes her (assuming it's a her). I really like Papillons, they are very pretty dogs!:D:D:D

Actually they are both boys. :). But they do seem to love eachothere.:o

That is good, I am hoping when I get another one someday I can get another girl… I'm hoping Bella will be as good a sibling as Simba!:)

I know you were trying to get another Basenji and it wasn't working out for you.:( How did you come about getting a Papillon?

Papillons were are second choice when we were looking at getting another dog. I had been looking at both breeds, so when my basenji puppy fell through:(. We decided to go the other way, so we went and looked at papillon puppies and fell in love with this little guy. 🙂

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