• Dolce met 2 new friends on her walk this morning. Unfortunately this was shot with a cell phone in vertical format so you will have to turn your computer to get best effect.

    If anyone knows how to rotate the video in the basic QuickTime program or YouTube please let me know and I will correct.


  • Any idea where the turtle came from??
    Very cute, but I would worry the cat could be hurt by some mean dog..not your's
    of course.

  • Lovely video - just difficult to lie on my side to watch it!! I can't help you - I can't even put pictures on the forum!!

  • Dolce encounters these two cats regularly. They have become good friends. The cat in the video has a brother. They run free through the neighborhood. Both are very friendly and luckily we don't have many stray or unleashed dogs in the neighborhood. The turtle was coming from one yard to cross the street (heading toward the lake). I picked it up and took it across the street so it wouldn't get run over. The turtle was no bigger than my fist.
    (Don't be confused MDSPhoto is my husband. Like Patty, I could never figure out how to post pics on the forum.)

  • What a fun adventure Dolce had! She looks pretty unsure about that turtle– "Hey, mom (dad), there's something in there!"

    Spencer stuck his nose down to a frog he found by the pond once. Of course, the frog hopped right up, and now Spencer is leery of small suspect creatures. 🙂

  • LOL, I can just imagine Spencer's surprise when the frog jumped. I can imagine he probably also jumped like a cat. I love when they do that little cat-like jump.
    Dolce loves to paw at the little frogs. I don't know what she would have done if the turtle came out of its shell.
    Oh, how I love the mannerisms of the Basenji. They're so cute.

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