New pic´s of Efia and Myran with their friend Ikaros

  • Wow!! Just beautiful. It would be difficult for me to say which picture I like the best.


  • Double text:o sorry

  • My favourite is Efia why?Well I just adore the little ladies expression although the pic of Ikaros is awsome but then again he´s an ol showstar took his points in america in a week not bad for a swedish boy;)

  • Beautiful pictures!! I love PH!!!!! Efia looks amazing! They all do! 😃

  • @myran:

    Pretty Efia 5 months being stacked properly by Ikaros owner:)

    Lovely Lovely puppy!
    Whats the breeding on her??
    I am drooling all over her photo! 😃

  • Beautiful dogs!!!

  • Ph and b! My dream team.
    One day I will own a PH.
    Lovely photos!

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    Ph and b! My dream team.
    One day I will own a PH.
    Lovely photos!

    Amen Sharron,
    I hope to have a PH sometime….although Katie did make me think about Ibizans when I was up at her place picking up Zaire. They are great dogs to......Really if I could just have 1 of each dog out there I would be happy.......but alas I do not live on 300 acres, and have an unending supply of money to spoil that many pups. 😃

  • Fantastic pics!

  • Steffie
    You asked Efias(wazin Red Elegance) breeding her dad is AmCh SCh DkCh Meisterhaus Tail Of Intrigue and her mum is SCh Wazin Red Bonita.Bonitas dad is IntCh Wazazi Dazzling Image Bonita is mostly Wazazi on her dam´s side too.
    My Boy is Efias halfbrother and cousin (only in the dog world ;)) which means they share the same dad and their mum´s are from the same litter.You can see my girls litter sister at Meisterhaus her name is Wazin Red Empress(Garbo) under the young and hopefuls.

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