Dolce Get a New Home

We had one of our neighbors build a cover for Dolce's crate so it would blend in a little more with out furniture. She loves being in and on top of her new home.

Beautiful! I was a little worried by they title of your post!

What a great idea!

That is one stylin' crate! No wonder she looks so proud of it!

First Basenji's

Ditto – that's not a crate, that's practically furniture!
I bet Dolce loves the elevated view, too.

It's beautiful! Now Dolce isn't the least bit spoiled. No, not that girl. 😃


(I wasn't worried about the title at all… I know she's got you guys wrapped around her paw)


What a great looking hime it is..and I know she loves her lookout spot.
Does you neighbor make those to sell? I would love on for my big Podengo boys home..

What a very useful neighbour to have - that's a beautiful home for Dolce. I love the picture of her relaxing on the top - seems the right position for a Basenji!

That's really gorgeous! And look at that precious baby picture in the foreground!

WOW not sure how I missed this before… what a GREAT idea. AHEM, we are nearly neighbors, think your neighbor wants to make some money making more? I love it!

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