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It isn't that they are necessarily outside dogs…they are just incredibly "barky" dogs so they get sent outside a lot. Any and ever time anyone is out in our backyard, their dog barks and barks and bark for-ev-er until we go inside. Those dogs may drive us crazy, but they are still animals and we still feel bad for them 😞

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She stays in a kennel only when we are all gone from the house, and during meal times. She sleeps in our room at night, but she hasn't had any accidents overnight. I will try to keep a closer eye on her, and I will definitely limit her availability to the carpet. I don't think it's a uti because when we walk her, she goes once or twice which I think is normal (maybe I'm wrong?) Our other dog, Albert, pees numerous times but that's because he has to mark anything and everything along our walk so all the other dogs know he was there. Could she just not understand yet that she pees outside, not inside? She spent the majority of her time in a kennel outdoors with rotating house time before we got her.

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Sharron, because we live on base we have to go through housing or the MAs first. I've tried talking to the neighbors but it doesn't do much. We've been neighbors for 20 months and I have not once ever seen any of the dogs taken for a walk 😞

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Fancy has only been with us about 2 weeks so of course I didn't expect everything to be perfect…she is a Basenji after all...but as much as I take her out to go potty, she occasionally pees in the house. Never downstairs where we have tile, only upstairs on the carpet. Any suggestions? 😕

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So cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

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I have neighbors that leave their three dogs in the backyard all day long. It's been mid-90s here all week and today we're looking at 110-114 with the heat index. If it's too hot for us to be outside for long periods of time, it's definitely too hot for a dog or cat.

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How are things going for you in the adoption process? I'm excited for you! We also have a cat (she came before the Basenji), and we were slow in introducing them. We had Fancy on her leash when she met Kitty for the first time. They sniffed each other and didn't seem too interested. Over time though Fancy, Albert (our other dog) and Kitty have become great friends. She follows us on our walks and sometimes naps with the dogs. It will just take a little time for Senji to learn that your cat is a friend and not a toy. : )

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It rains here soooo much, but I squeeze in a walk as early as 5 am and sometimes not until 9 pm just to make sure my doggies get their walk in. When I hear about people that are moving somewhere that doesn't allow pets, it makes me crazy. Seriously, you take on the responsibility of caring for a pet so you find somewhere where they can live with you. And don't talk to me about not having time- I have a husband, three children, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a full time college course load. And yes, everyone gets fed, walked, cleaned, homework done, and I still get just enough time to sleep. Sorry for the rant, but I live on a Navy Base and I see families leave their pets tied up in their backyards, stick them in the garage, or leave them behind when they move all the time- which is how we ended up the cat 😞

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eeeeeeeew. My dogs do like to lick my legs and when I get out of the shower…but I'm not sure that I could stomach watching them like a motel bedspread 😕

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My first B, Precious, came from a shelter many, many, years ago. I had never even heard of a Basenji…I just picked her because she was so sweet and had the cutest little curly tail.

She ended up being (for the most part) very well behaved, except for the occasional lapse in judgement like when she would shred entire rolls of toilet paper :eek:, attack the trash, or play a game of never ending tag with me at the beach (this game lasted nearly an hour until I gave up and sat down and she finally came running back!).

Fancy, our current Basenji is still fairly new to our house and she seems to be opening up a little more each day. Maybe it is because it has been so long since Precious has been with us that I only remember the well-behaved good times. So I was worried that because Fancy was so quiet and laid back that I didn't get the "typical" Basenji...but no, no...she gets naughtier each day as she becomes more comfortable. And suddenly, those memories of Precious' quirky naughtiness are flooding back :p

Maybe it's time to go make sure the toilet paper is safe...

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