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  • so those are his new clothes. the first is from petsmart, im still wondering if it is too girly? the second is from target and i like it because he can not, despite his best efforts, take it off. :p also, is masculinity even an issue when you are dressing your dog?

  • He doesn't seem to mind sporting his new threads . . . I saw the black and white coat at PetSmart last week. We were there for the Howl-O-Ween party. The store was buzzing with people. Didn't get a chance with all the activity. I think Duke would look dashing in it. I love the photos - Thanks. 😉

  • The first one is not girly looking, now if it had been pink and white, Maybe, haha. The sweater is cute too, have you ever noticed that all the dog clothes never seem long enough for our long body sweeties. If they fit length wise they are too big everywhere else. It is a problem, I think they should have there own Clothing Line, and the labels should say" Just for B". haha!!!!! And by the way your boy is soooooooo handsome, I have a red/white also, Sahara!!!

  • you know, duke would look dashing in it…black and white on black and white. i think you should go get one too 🙂

    i agree about the clothes not fitting our b's properly. too short, and fender is going through a long stage right now, so it is even worse. okay, so who is going to capatalize on the idea for a line of b clothes? i know people with whippets and greyhounds have the same problem.

  • Great idea to make B (etc.) clothes. We were lucky with the one jacket, it just fits. I have a silly Christmas one for Nala that I'll be showing you…after the skunk smell is removed from it. BTW it's off topic but, my pretty tri-colored baby girl's black is now slightly reddish brown from all of the hydrogen peroxide/baking soda baths...Maybe I can turn her into the red and white that I originally wanted...LOL!

  • Oops..forgot to mention how adorable he is in both! I think he looks dashing and rather Gap-commerical-handsome in the sweater and leather collar. The first is not too girly. Duke would look great in the black and white with his coloring.

  • Very adorable and all dogs, male or female, should have a hounds tooth thread! I just haven't been able to find clothes at reasonable prices that fit in the box stores. Yes, we should have a special clothing line for our Bs!!!

  • Great looking dog in some good looking threads! I have yet to successfully get Hollie to wear clothing. I am seriously considering a raincoat and booties. Cleaning and drying her gets tiresome.

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