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The things we do for basenjis :). Gotta love them!

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Talk about favorite spots, lol.

Too cute! Basenjis sure do like to get comfortable.

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Bimmy's favorite spot….he might not leave his bed until spring 🙂

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I am on the lookout for a good basenji sitter in the Winston Salem, NC area, as I know the time will inevitably come when we will have to travel without our loveable basenji, Bimmy. My husband and I adopted Bimmy when he was 1 yr old, and he came to us with a good bit of crate anxiety and fear of being left. He has adjusted well to our home (not crated), and has made much progress. We hate the thought of having to board him at a place where he will be kept in a crate/kennel, as we do not want him to regress and have his anxiety come back. Thus, we would love for a basenji savy sitter to be able to take care of him while we are away. Are there any sitters in the area?

Thanks in advance!

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Never got around to posting this back in April, but better late than never i guess 🙂

After hosting an Easter Egg hunt for our friends' kids, we decided we should have our own hunt for our fur-kid, Bimmy. Watch Bimmy as he searches the yard for yummy bits of meat.

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Welcome Lynn! I am in NC too with a 2 year old basenji boy. I live in Winston Salem. One of these days we need to have a NC basenji meet-up group!

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Bimmy trying to help his daddy with yardwork….

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Welcome to Bimmy and your family! Those pictures made me smile - he looks like he has tons of personality. And isn't it nice when we can find a safe place for our dogs to run? They certainly, as Bruce Springsteen said, were "Born to Run". 😃 Groan…. 😉

Thanks for the warm welcome. Any yes, it is always great when we can find a place to let Bimmy run, as he sure loves it! The beach mentioned in the earlier post was such a great location as it was only accessible by boat (no cars, woohoo!) and completely surrounded by water.

We moved back to NC a few months ago, so we aren't close to that beach anymore, but we did find the next best thing…..lure coursing! We've taken him to two events so far and he loves it. The night after his first event I think he even dreamed about it, cause he started running in his sleep, haha!

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Serengeti? That's Midge Greenlee, right?

Yep, he was one of Midge's. We couldn't be more happy with his temperment….he is such a sweet boy!

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The first picture of Bimmy with the horses reminds me so much of Maxx (who is waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge). He loved horses and always wanted us to pick him up so that he could lick the horses' noses. Once we were at an RV park that had miniature horses, which Maxx could easily have reached the noses of standing on the ground. But he still wanted us to pick him up so he could lick their noses!

Precious…sounds like Maxx was a real sweatheart.

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