Dolce Meets The New Neighbor

Dolce met the new neighbor Optimus, a 140 pound great dane. While she usually dominates most of the dogs in the neighborhood, she didn't stand a chance against him. They actually played together very well, but when Optimus paws at her she goes tumbling across the lawn.

Topper used to love to play with huge dogs, Danes, Newfs, etc., and they were always gentle with him. Neat photos.

Oh my that is too funny! 😃


How cute..what great playfriends..

Looks like a great friendship has begun. Great first pic - really shows the size difference, but despite that, it looks like Dolce feels quite confident!

Great shots of Dolce and the giant. The Danes are great. Buddy loves these big dogs too, he get's under their head and as they're panting he'll lick their big tongues.:D

Awww, what lovely photos!!

There is a Great Dane that goes to the park I walk Maya on and she loves him. Charges around under his legs trying to get him to chase her, but he is a lazy old man 😃

Love it! I bet she got pretty slobber-y.

Did you wash off the slobber-fest yet? Great pics!! Thanks for sharing.

First Basenji's

Impressive size difference!
It's been a long time since I've seen a blue-gray Dane. So striking.
Dolce's got guts to wrestle with such a big dog. I wouldn't even dare…!

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