Hi, new to the forum, meet Cafu!

  • Hi everyone,

    Cafu is our first Basenji, he is 5-months old. He is very friendly to us and to strangers, as well as other dogs. When out with him, we constantly get questions about him and the Basenji breed. I never imagined that we would get so much attention with a dog!

    He is a loving companion, and like the typical Basenji, he is always up for some mischief in our house. This includes stealing our shoes, socks, underwear, and anything he feels we really need (reading glasses are a good example!).

    We are wondering at what age Basenjis stop growing? It would be great if he stayed at his current weight (about 22 lbs) since we travel a lot and can still take him in the cabin.
    Thanks for any info,

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  • Sadly if he's only 5 mos, he's got some growing to do... maybe as much as 8 to 10 pounds by the time he fully matures at 2 or 3.

    Also.. be aware, friendly to other dogs at 5 mos is no guarantee it will continue. Keep socializing him with other dogs and avoid any negative occurrences... hopefully it will continue.

    What a cutie! Where did you get him from?

  • Debra,
    We got him from Julie Hartigan (Marjani Basenjis, Virginia). Thanks for the info!

  • Breed standard is 22 lbs for females, 24 lbs for males. Sure, you will find lots that go over that, but my five seemed to keep in that range. Maybe yours will too....

  • Ask the breeder how big the sire and dam are. That's a good idea. My first basenji, who was a champion, weighed nearly 26 pounds when she matured. My 2nd one would have been about that, but thanks to steroids, we did good to keep her at 30. My current rescue is a giant. We won't go there. I first dreamed of a SMALL dog, maybe 15 pounds tops after years of being a BIG DOG person (rottweilers and chows). I don't see that ever happening.

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