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I've just created a new group on Basenji Forums (located under the 'community' section) for basenji owners in Arizona.
We may want to share dog park information, etc.
If you are interested, please join!

Mesa, AZ
"Mom" of Haley, Prince, and Roby

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I live in Mesa, AZ. It's been around 113 degrees (F) here lately….......that's why they call it "The Valley of the Sun"! Sometimes it doesn't get below 90 at night!
My 3 red & whites get really hot on walks and at the dog park in the summer. They LOVE to go, but poop out so fast in the summer. Lately, if we don't get outside by 6 or 7 a.m......we just don't go at all. It's CRAZY hot and dry and there's very little shade anywhere! (I don't think people were actually meant to live here!!!!)
You would think in a place like this that a cooling garment would be popular.....but, I've NEVER seen one on any dog! I've never even heard of them until I read this post. (It's possible my head has been in the IS the desert after all!) So, I'm going to check in to this type of product. If it would help my "kids" have a bit more stamina for exercise and fun at the dog park it may be a good investment!!!
Thanks for enlightening me!


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Welcome Angelilca!

I'm the "mommy" of a B girl with Fanconi, also. I really encourage you to join the fanconi yahoo group. It's a GREAT resource! I have learned so much just from reading the posts of people with current issues and the experienced fanconi dog owners' replies. Also, they keep a list on the website of vets that are known to be knowledgable about the disease and are willing to communicate with Dr. Gonto (who wrote the protocol) directly when needed - because not all are. The list is by state and you can find it on the site under "files".

Good luck with everything and keep us posted!


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OMGosh! She has a GREAT face!

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What a handsome dawg! Love his "cinnamon bun"!

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Wow! Thanks for sharing these! I loved your pics!

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LMAO!!!!!! He was just faking it????

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I am trying to figure out how to run over to Slovenia, return to Arizona with him, and tell my husband that he "followed me home"! haha
His little face melts my heart!!!

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He could not be any cuter! Can't wait to hear your updates!

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OMGosh! I've never heard of such a thing! Thank you for making me aware of this!

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