Cody has decided…..
First Basenji's

….. that the toy box isn't for toys, it's for napping! 🙂

I was cooking, and NOT dropping anything on the floor, so he got bored with me and decided to drag all of his toys out of his box. I guess the box looked more comfortable than the bed he had just defluffed. He was actually being pretty quiet, so when I came around the corner I was met with quite a surprise: a big mess (I had just cleaned up from playtime 20 minutes before that) and utter adorableness.

First Basenji's

Also, a few days ago I was talking to my mom on speakerphone, and Cody was really interested in that. He kept looking at me with his brow wrinkled, like he was trying to figure out where the other person was at. I decided to see what he would do if I put the phone on the floor. Now I'm being very careful about where I put my phone just in case he thinks it's a toy 🙂
Please excuse the mess, a friend had just brought him a few toys and he had a great time shredding them to pieces :o

He is adorable 😃

Love the video!

First Basenji's

He's so silly, and of course, as I'm telling him not to eat the phone, my mom is telling him that he's a good boy 🙂

LOVE this video!

Oh, he is so cute. Brilliant video.

First Basenji's

Hehe… I love the way Basenjis move -- like Cody!

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