• Here is puppy boy Dudes photo album, born on Christmas day 2008.
    He is my first basenji and is the best pup ever!
    He has graduated puppy school at 15 weeks and will start basic obedience soon. We are having so much fun with him, and he is such a fast learner. At 14 weeks he had learned a bunch of tricks: stand, sit, high five, lay down, crawl and roll-over along with some basic manners. We are very excited for school to start again in a few weeks.
    I love all of the pictures on this forum, now its our time to contribute!

    3 weeks old, first visit

    6 weeks old, with my sisters before I come home

    8 weeks, home at last!

    My room

    14 weeks, I'm pretty cute…

    15 weeks, first road trip!

    Right before a B500

    Snuggle puppy

    After the B500

    With my sister at puppy school, we graduated!

  • So cute pup!

  • Awwww. Dude is adorable! Welcome to the group!


  • OMG…he is sooo cute! He reminds me so much of our first baby B, Querk. Welcome 🙂

  • Lovely…what a DUDE!

  • Dude is a great looking dog - and so smart so early! Great pictures.

  • I think you told us, but now I can't remember..who is his breeder?

  • Welcome Dude! 😃 Love the pics! He's a cutie!

  • Dude was bred by Kathy Britton of Khanis Basenjis.

    Sire: Am/Aust Ch Jasiri-Sukari HR Pup NStuff - Puff

    Dam: Am/Can Ch Khanis DP Poetry In Motion JC - Maya

    NFocus Polar Express - Dude

  • He's really cute! Congrats on your new addition! 😃

  • What a handsome boy!

  • Really cute pup! Thanks for sharing his adventures with us.

  • Basenji pup - synonym for cute 🙂
    And just wait until he grows up more :p

  • OMG!! the picture in the crate just looks…...cute. I love the new picture! He looks like he is ready to pounce!! Very handsome. Keep the pictures coming 🙂

  • so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beautiful puppy - beautiful dog - congratulations!

  • Ahh! He is very adorable!

  • Here are a few more pics, We took a weekend trip to visit some friends in Kirkland, WA and Dude met a new friend: Italian Greyhound - Pica
    They had a blast together, it was hard to get any pics as they wouldnt stop playing and running all weekend.

    We start basic obedience classes this week and had our first handling class last week, more pictures to come!

    Also, If anyone wants to get together for some play or hiking around the Portland metro area let us know!

  • I am feeling broody, I want a puppy!! He is soo cute! Mine young ones are three years old now, it goes so quickly. I have to enjoy everyone else's pups!

  • ooooh.. He's so cute….

    He looks so naughty.... 😃

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