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LOL!! Yeah mine aren't too keen on getting it done. But I make them stay there. Is she used to being tipped on her back? I hold mine like a baby and rub their bellies. They like it, but they definately know when it is nail time and they both try to struggle. Eventually they give in and just resort to getting it done. After that they get a good treat!

Yeah she's kinda used it being on her back but the sound just made her go crazy haha.

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I love the dremel too with sanding disc. Works like a charm. Greatest thing is you don't have to worry about cutting the quick too far like you would with clippers. I bought a Dremel 7300 with the battery pack (they are cheap 73 canadian). You tip your B on their back while on a chair grab a foot and go to it. She might be a little scared of the noise though.

I tried that when she was a pup but she just wouldn't hold still. I took her to my local vet and he trimmed her nails so they're all nice and short.

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Krunzer & Tanza, Yes, I know her nails need to be trimmed. I have my vet do it because I can never do it myself and my parents don't want to cut too far.

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It's been a long while since I last visited here. Must say, I love the new look of the site.

Now to Athena.

She turned 1 year old on December 27th. She is in excellent health. Her potty training went very well, She was house broken in just under 10 months. I taught her to sit, give paw, up and down…If only I can teach the bark-less dog to vocalize. I'm amazed how smart she is. She knows almost every word I say.

Some of you might remember me saying that she was biting during her early days. Well, since getting her adult teeth and getting toys for her to chew, she only bites during play time. Or she'll give a light nip on my ankle when she has to go out to do her business. ( I don't mind the nip because it's very light)

She experienced her first snow last week, even though it all melted already. Weird weather in Northwest Indiana. But she loved the snow, she even was eating it haha.

I cannot explain how much fun I've been having since I got her last February. Since she was a pup, she really grew attached to me. She's like my shadow and she never leaves my side. But she did bond with everyone in the family. Every night she sleeps on my bed or sometimes she goes under the blankets near the foot of the bed, tries to sleep on my pillow or lays her head on my chest and sleeps.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone. God Bless you all.

Now here's the pictures. (all of these were taken in December)

I took a great one with her, edited it, framed it and gave it to my mom for Christmas, she loved it!

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Amazing pictures!!!

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I hope you she does it regularly for's so sweet! Love the pictures…especially her smiling face. Have to laugh at the couch/futon arms...mine look worse than yours!

Haha yes. She did that during teething. She doesn't even chew on the arms anymore.

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..for my Athena to vocalize for the 1st time! It was out of nowhere and very loud. I hope she does it daily now.
and some new pictures.

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When my Athena gets scared, nervous or is on alert part of her fur stands straight up. It's not all of her fur but just a line from her head to tail. I'm just wondering if anyone's B also do this because I've never seen any breed of dog do this..

See picture below. The part I'm talking about is the part that looks darker.

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Mine always does this to me too but she takes the whole pillow. 😃

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I'm not sure what made her do it. It might have been the wind or something. No chance of seeing herself, they're glass block windows. Also, nothing was being reflected.

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