• This is Anubis. He's my 2 yr old AKC male. He's very spoiled. And he's a lot of fun to take pictures of lol. Here's a few pics of him in play action. Dont mind the stains on the carpet lol. Its sense been replaced…white carpet and having guests over for a poker game is a bad match haha. Yes as you can tell I love taking pics of him haha. He's my baby.

    Going after his bone

    The famous Basenji Head Spin!

    He took off running after this pic lol

    He thinks his bed is a toy

    Tug of war with my foot holding the blanket lol

    And all tired out on the couch…yes he sleeps this way lmao

  • He is so cute! Very lovely dog, nice photos

  • He is gorgeous. And showing off the basenji elegance so perfectly in that last picture 😃

  • Great pics, lovely boy! And welcome to the forum 🙂

  • Thanks everyone 🙂 And yes Maya he is definitely showing off the Basenji Elegance haha. He's such a goofy dog. 🙂

  • His diet is definitely good for keeping that coat shiny too. I have him eating EVO brand food in the morning and he gets a Raw diet at night. Raw chicken or beef and sometimes veggies. He LOVES it!

  • Very cute…. Who is his sire and dam? Many of us are related by our Basenjis here on the Forum

  • Eh they weren't anyone special. His papers say Grays Jake and Grays Daisey. They came from someone who only bred Jake and Daisey once. He's fanconi clear which is good. Neither of his parents were carriers so im happy.

  • I haven't done much research on his parents but I asked if their lines were anything special and their owners said not really. I am considering getting another one at some point. Im looking into either finding a breeder here local to me or getting one from BRAT. I really want a puppy though. Im still un-decided about breeding yet.

  • That is good news about Fanconi… but if you are thinking about breeding, there are lots of other health tests that should be completed first and of course if you are considering using him, he would need to be AKC registered. And it would be good for you to find a mentor in the breed so that you can learn about the breed, conformation, bloodlines, etc. There are some people that are in or around your area, try looking at the BCOA website under breeder referrals. www.basenji.org

  • What a cutie! I see he plays with those little beds - mine consider them big frisbees and toss them all over the place. When the cat decides to sleep in one, they pull it right out from under her - just trying to get her to play - which of course, she will not.

  • Cool pics! He seems to have much fun 😃

    And what a wonderful shiny coat! 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    Welcome, and thanks for sharing all the lovely pictures of your pup. Lots of scritches for that adorable tummy.

    You obviously love and care for your Anubis very much. If you are serious about breeding, please do follow up on Tanza's suggestions. I was taught that responsible breeders will only do so to improve the overall breed. Anything less – even breeding with the best intentions, like wanting to give your much-loved pet a range of experiences, or wanting to share puppies produced from your wonderful pet -- basically makes you little better than a backyard breeder.

    As someone who occasionally volunteers with animal rescues, I felt like this needed to be said. Sorry if it seems patronizing. I'm not against all breeding, but I think the standards by which it is to be done responsibly are very high. There are many models of good breeders on this forum though, so if you find a mentor, you'll be in good company.

  • @Anubis's:

    Eh they weren't anyone special. His papers say Grays Jake and Grays Daisey. They came from someone who only bred Jake and Daisey once. He's fanconi clear which is good. Neither of his parents were carriers so im happy.

    Question - how do you know his parents are not carriers? They have not been tested themselves from what I can see on the OFA database. They very much could be carriers and your little man just lucked out in the draw and only got their clear half. Does not mean his sibs were as lucky.

    I do find it interesting why anyone would be considering breeding a dog who comes from a line in which the breeders themselves are saying they are nothing special and do not come down from anything special. I would much prefer to find a nice foundation dog from breeders who not only think their line is special but makes their lines special by showing, trialing and health testing generations. Just something to think about when debating the breeding issue.

    Honda H4A Transmission

  • Anubis is a lovely looking Basenji, full of mischief. Welcome to the forum.
    I love his name, my first Basenji was a rescue already named Benji when i got him but i used to call him Anubis as a nickname.

  • What a lovely boy and welcome to the forum.

  • Would you mind sharing Anubis's full registered name (the name on his AKC papers), his Date of Birth and AKC number so he can be included in Sally's Pedigree Database, http://pedigrees.zandebasenjis.com

    I noticed when I looked up his parents that Sally doesn't have any info on the litter. Also, when you had the Fanconi test done on him did you include his parent's registration numbers as well as his full data so that information is included in his OFA listing?

  • He is AKC registered. And he totally fits the breed standards. I know how their conformation is supposed to be. Ive done a lot of research on the breed before I decided to get him. I have to find his papers. I packed them away somewhere in my room. If I decide to breed ever Id probably get 2 different Basenji's from an actual BREEDER. Like a reputable one. I doubt i'll end up breeding him anyways.

    Thunderbird: Thats cool that your first B was nicknamed Anubis as well. I chose the name because of the Basenji's Egyptian history that I read about. And he IS very much full of mischief lol. He's only 2 years old so he's still very young and active haha.

  • And Shaye's Mom: Yeah Anubis uses it as a Frisbee as well lol. He also has a sock that he throws everywhere lol. And here's a new picture taken this afternoon. That blanket he's holding, used to be a large one…he dragged it out of his crate and tore it up. So it's small now lol.

    Mom Play With Me!

  • Please help the basenji community to have a complete and accurate pedigree database by providing the name, birth date, and registration number for your boy so he can be included in the Basenji Pedigree Database. Even if all you have is his registered name that would be helpful.

    If you don't want to post it, you can PM me or send an email. My email is on my website which is listed in my profile.

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