My Baby

She is completely spoilt 😃

And this is what she was watching so intently:


She is so is good

This is how I wish every basenji was treated…your a great mom!

Thank you for sharing pictures are great and your baby is beautiful. I love the stroller.

Rita Jean

Thanks for the replies, and thank you for that lovely comment Sharron 😃

I will be the first to admit Maya is spoilt, she is totally my pampered little baby and she knows she is a princess 😃 But, she's a GOOD basenji so why shouldnt she be spoilt? 😃

She did also get bought an ice cream (it was a very hot day!!) which she loved, sadly no pics of that. Most of it ended up all over her face!

She is beautiful, as always… I love her pretty brown "eyebrows.":D

No, not Maya, never. 😃

Hey, I'd be watching that intently too!

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