Photos of Zahra as a baby

I hope this works!

This is her trying to figure out how to drink out of the water spigot at the dog park. She was so cute because she use to bite at the water until she figured out how to lick it.

She finally figured out that she could drink from the dog friendly side of the fountain that has a bowl!

We only had her for a few days when she got on top of her kennel and then a few more days she got on top of the kitchen counter!

Here is she is on the kitchen counter

I love the one on the counter top.:D πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ Very cute.:) πŸ†’

Oh how cute! I love her puppy pictures and at the dog park. How adorable she is!

She is soooo cute, still want to get together sometime. Sahara has an appt for grooming at Petsmart tomorrow at 11:00am. Do you work everyday? Hopefully when the winter is over we can get them together for the park.

She really is a beautiful basenji. She does look like my Bella! I am lucky that Bella is not a climber like that, my husband would have a heart attack. I think she is afraid to jump because of her knee:( I posted a younger picture of Bella after I put up the Christmas ones if you want to see it… Thank you for sharing!

Zahra and my Joey are very similarly marked. They almost look like twins! I too am fortunate that Joey doesn't climb on the counters or table. It's fun (at least for me πŸ˜ƒ ) to see one on the counter!! Thanks for sharing photos. I need to figure out how to get photos up.

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