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Ozzie and Lacie had the same type of issue when we first got them from rescue. Eventually we switched them over from Nutro Sensitive Stomach to Eagle pack and fixed the problem. They still get it rarely and feeding them rice with a little bit of kibble or chicken for a day or two will clear up the problem.

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If I could lick my private parts I'd do it for way more than 10 minutes.

😃 😃 😃 hahaha that made me laugh really hard, especially the reply:)

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Goldenfri I didn't know it was YOU :eek: :eek: I have pics of you & your little ones winning!! I was the one taking pics of the winners 😃 So glad you came..did you see Sweet Shelby??? What sweet & well behaved dogs :eek: & his curly tail was just too cute on such a large dog!

Oh cool, can you post up the pictures? 🙂 It was really cool to see so many basenjis in one place. I was a little worried about how my guys would react because they tend to be weird and aggressive towards other basenjis, but they were great. Very well behaved and no problems. 😃

I wish I had more pictures, but I was having so much fun I totally forgot to take them. :eek:

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We had a great time, Ozzie won first in Best trick, but using his whole arsenal of tricks: sit, lay down, shake and jump 🙂 he also won first place in the musical sit game (I forget what they called it), he got 2nd place in curliest tail and I think it was 3rd in best neck. Lacie did well also, if I remember correctly she got First place in best bridle coat, 2nd or 3rd in best eyes and 2nd in best tail waggle. I'm just going from memory so forgive me if I mixed some up.

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Ozzie and Lacie will be there, my fiance and I are going as well as her mom who is bringing her two Itchy and Dubs. This is my first basenji fun day. I can't wait 🙂

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Just thought I would add a few more of Lacie for those that asked to see her coloring better 🙂

Ozzie being a goober

At the Dog park

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We have had great luck with the eagle pack dog food, the chicken one specifically. Bs would have poo problems once every week or two on Nutro sensitive stomach when we first got them, until we switched them over and no problems since. It can be pretty hard to find, and it is indeed more dense with less fillers so we don't have to feed them quite as much.

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I have recently been switching my guys from Nutro sensitive stomach to Eagle Pack Holistic Select Chicken Meal & Rice Formula due to digestion problems. So far so good.

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As for your dog's response to unneutered males, I agree with Andrea that your dog is probably picking up on subtle body language that you may not be aware of. Basenjis expect very particular and appropriate language from other dogs. If you watch basenjis interact with each other there are definate social rules that they expect to be followed. I see many dogs that behave rudely and whose owners are clueless about how rude their dog's behavior is in dog language. Running directly up to another dog is rude behavior, appropriate behavior would be to approach on a curve. And yet many owners have dogs that run straight up on other dogs and then are surprised that their dogs are greeted with aggression by the dog that was so rudely approached.

You make a good point here. I take mine to the dog park and they are very well behaved but will let another dog know when it is being rude or invading their space. They normally do this with a growl or quick growl and jump to the side. I have noticed that Bs are much more particular about how a dog acts and don't appreciate the overly excited/ hyper behavior of alot of the common dog types.

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Thats interesting that all your Bs watch tv. Both of mine could care less. My aunt has two westies that go nuts over any animal on tv, makes me very very thankful that my Bs just ignore it. 🙂

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