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"In order to get along with a Basenji, you have to be at least half as smart as the dog!"

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one is about 14-15 weeks old she was the one she got into with it. she yelped out wife broke it up.. the other one is 2 both are shih tzu's all are female

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They eat in different rooms to be safe.. They were playing and then the Basenji ( Cheyenne) attacked one of our other Babies.. Toys are fine.. Humans no Problem

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I have a 12 week old Basenji and she is starting to get a little aggressive with our other two dogs. this Morning my wife thought is was going to be a full blow fight between them. had to break them up.. Does anyone know what I can do to try to stop this? I do not want to get ride of any of the dogs due to this..

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Wow Great list some things I will have to take care of for my babies safety

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Last weekend Kamar was at another dog show, and he was BOB, and with 155 different puppies, he went BEST IN SHOW! How cool is that? His critique from the breed judging was:

"8 months. Finally a basenji that is not too big! Lovely head, beautiful neck, strong back, correct tail, excellent body, well angulated and very nice movements. Corr. coat, nice temperament."

WOW congrats he is Beautiful

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Waffles favorite place in the early am is spread out across my laptop. She loves to watch the cursor move, or to just sleep on the warm keyboard!! She has opened itunes multiple times to blast Queen….....wakes you up better than coffee!

My cat watches the Cursor move too.. They are like cats got to love them

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I just love when Siery gets Sonny all excited while playing…he makes the best faces! 🙂

I love it Looks like he wants to attack lol

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TO all I did look up the results on the test myself and everything is good.. I am happy to say

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Cheyenne is beautiful! I'm sure you will enjoy her– she will definitely keep you entertained.

If your breeder had tested the parents for Fanconi, I'm pretty sure he would have told you. It's a very big deal with Basenjis, and responsible breeders are quick to share health results. You're doing the right thing by checking it out, because you need to know if your little girl is at risk, and the sooner you educate yourself, the better. But let's hope your adorable girl is clear and has a long, healthy life in front of her. She really is a beauty!

i just checked with him about it and they are clear of it Thank you for the comment she is wonderful when I visit her. Very Playful now, I know she will need daddy time oops looks like the wife will have to understand

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Good news the mom and dad are clear of the Fanconi will be getting info to look it up the pups it was done.. looks good so far just got a message from the owner..

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