• A few weeks ago my friend Dean came over to hang out. Anubis passed out next to him. He was SOOO out of it that we could balance a drink perfectly on his head lol. Just thought the pic was funny and had to share lol

  • haha…. what did you do to the b ? 😛
    awesome pic

  • What was Anubis doing before your friend came over that made him so tired? Hmmmmmm? 😉

  • Causing tons of trouble! Lol. He was also running around the whole house going WOOOOOOOO!!!! and shaking his blanket all over the place lol. Typical day in an Anubis household lol. Not to mention running around with his sister who is a 60lb Lab lol.

  • And he dhadn't even realised he could drink it!

  • ROFLMAO, that's just mean! I bet you took pics of your siblings or friends asleep with broom sticks or beer or cigarets or awful things, lol. Great picture.

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