Happy birthday anubis!!!

Anubis is 5 today 🙂 🙂

Happy Birthday Anubis, and many more. 🙂

High-5, Anubis! You're an awfully cute Birthday B– but you already know that, don't you?!

Hes gettin some Venison for his bday dinner. I have some in my freezer ima thaw for him. Ive been through so much hell in 5yrs with this guy but wouldnt trade it for nothing. From mass destruction the DAY i got him, to separation anxiety and howling in his crate (the neighbors didnt like that), to ESCAPING his crate the day I left to buy him a bigger one because he had outgrown his old one (Youtube has the video lol)…the list goes on and on lol.

Happy BirthdAy crazy boy….you remind me of my insanity with Oak! Enjoy your special treat

Happy birthday to Anubis - great looking guy he is. It's Shaye's birthday today too - she's 4, hard to believe.

Happy birthday from me and Butu!

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