Happy Birthday Zoni!

Today is Zoni's 1st birthday! Even though she is my 2nd basenji I call her my "starter dog" because she is the one I'm taking the plunge with into conformation, coursing, and who knows what other dog performance adventures. So in celebration, I thought I'd share this one cute video from when she was only 4.5 wks old (she is the sneezing one in the front)


Edit: Doesn't look like the embedding of the video worked. Here is the link:

and a picture of her now, playing in the blizzard that we had last week. There is no stopping her if she thinks there is a bird in the yard! πŸ˜ƒ

Wow, I love that photo in the snow. She is very lovely, I hope she had a Happy Barroooo Day and is warm and snuggled up with you now.

Happy birthday, Zoni!

Happy Birthday Zoni. You are a beautiful B.

Happy Birthday Zoni and many, many more to come.

Rita Jean

First Basenji's

Happy B-Day! Can't get much cuter than that!!!!!

Happy B-Day! And that has to be the cutest Basenji puppy video I have seen!

Happy birthday Zoni.
Pic in the snow is great. I love that contrast among black basenji and white snow, beautiful :).

Happy birthday Zoni! Many more wonderful ones to come.

Question for the breeders - I thought black and whites were recessive. How does a red/white dam produce all black/whites?

Zoni's sire is b/w and the color is co-dominant with red. There is also a recessive black "fula black" which has been discussed on the forum before and is less common and has some bleeding of red/tan in it.

I also fixed the link to the video in case it wasn't working for you.

Happy 1st birthday Zoni!! πŸ˜ƒ

Happy Birthday Zoni!!! Love the snow picture!!!!


Happy Birthday Zoni..she was the cutest puppy and she is gorgeous young lady now..

BTW..the snow picture is one of the best pictures I have seen..

Happy Birthday Zoni. Very cool snow pic!

Happy first Birthday Zoni, love the Puppy vid and the beautiful snow pic

Thanks, everyone! She and Nemo got a bunch of extra special treats to celebrate.


Happy 1st birthday Zoni!! πŸ˜ƒ

And happy belated 1st birthday to Liyah too!


I think Zoni gets more beautiful with each picture you post!

Happy Birthday Zoni.


Happy birthday Zoni!!

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