• @tanza:

    She has lovely wrinkle… we don't often see that "diamond" pattern anymore, My Fatia has that pattern and also with the lovely side wrinkle

    Here is a link to Fatia's head shot

    Happy B-Day

    First off…happy 2nd b-day Zuri...very sweet pics!!

    Pat, I love the side wrinkles - all 3 of my kids have them. I've seen some b's with the diamond pattern, but you are right they aren't prevelant.

  • I agree, lovely girl with great wrinkles! Your photos look like paintings, with the light and textures. Happy birthday to a lovely girl.

  • The wrinkles make her look so concerned, but then again, she's a Basenji. 😃

  • @Basenjimamma:

    +1 on that Tanza, she is gorgeous and Zuri is too, the wrinkles sure help out..
    You are right, those really abundant wrinkles in the forehead aren't that common, unless they are puppies it seems..are we loosing them, or is it more common in some lines then others?

    It is more that we are loosing them in breeding, one of the things that presents wrinkles in our breed is correct head type (remembering that in some of the other colors, wrinkle is harder to see… Blacks, Tris and some Brindles). Ears are to be set high on the head and "hooded" (another thing that is being lost in the breed, along with them being small)... correct head type... from the Basenji standard

    Ears--Small, erect and slightly hooded, of fine texture and set well forward on top of head. The skull is flat, well chiseled and of medium width, tapering toward the eyes. The foreface tapers from eye to muzzle with a perceptible stop. Muzzle shorter than skull, neither coarse nor snipy, but with rounded cushions. Wrinkles appear upon the forehead when ears are erect, and are fine and profuse. Side wrinkles are desirable, but should never be exaggerated into dewlap.

  • Beautiful dog. Thank you for posting her pic's.

  • Happy Birthday Zuri!!!

  • Thank you everybody for the nice words! 😃

    Yes, I think, she enjoyed the day a lot - with all the treats 😉

  • A little too late but A happy birthday for your very pretty girl!

  • First Basenji's

    Happy birthday, Zuri!

  • Happy birthday Zuri, hope you have many more!

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