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What a cute little guy! I find 2 is easier than 1, they entertain each other, but when one gets into mischief so does the other lol. I found house training much easier with the second one as our boy taught his little sister and also tattled on her when she did have an accident ( he would come and get me and take me right to it lol), ours are a year apart and it works great

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I have to agree with making a statement, my Tri Boy Mowgli has done it a few times, once when my husband was going away for a few days on business and he saw him leave with a suit case and he knows suit case = don't see mom or dad for a few days. As soon as my husband closed the door Mowgli turned around looked straight at me and did it right on the floor, he was pissed cause his dad was leaving and wanted me to know it.

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Guess I should mention we live in a small town and they are the only Basenji's in town, the bread had to be added to the town data base when getting licenses for them lol

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We have had "mixed with a Doberman" once and the women insisted my Tri boy was and would not accept any other answer, lol, other than that one time everyone else is very curious about both of them and will cross the street to come and talk to us about them. Both Mowgli and Miika are very social so just love the attention, but we always get the response "Basenji? I have never heard of that bread" they have been called adorable, beautiful, elegant, sleek and yes look like little deer's lol

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We use the muttluks for Mowgli and Miika and they do stay on, they are on the second pair already as they used them so much the old ones have holes in the bottoms - i think this is mainly from the salt on the roads. The pups love them and don't mind wearing them and are a must up here in northern Alberta.

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Our little girl, Miika, is all full of kisses, loves to give and receive them, Mowgli our boy on the other hand gives kisses when he feels like it but I get the same eewww mom reponse when I kiss him lol

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I officially HATE the first five posters and a few of the rest. WTH? SLEEP IN? You all just got together and made this crap up right? SLEEP IN? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

My life since my first B has been dogs with some freakish internal clock and if I am not up at that time they will
run up and down my body
dump the trash or knock things over
run to the door and hit it
POKE POKE POKE me with their feet


Yeah, if the window is open (like today) and it is bloody raining, they don't wake me up. And I don't care if I take them out at 2 am, they are up by 8 and that's it.

You all are just mean. Should have held this thread off til April first so I could REALLY believe it is made up. Did I mention I hate all of you?

I can totally relate to you, our B's don't know the meaning of sleep, they are up all through the night just to go for a stroll around the house or bounce of the couch when chasing each other. Sleeping in never, I mean NEVER, happens in our house, mind you they are only 1 and 2 years old so loads and loads of energy still…...but still sleeping in would be wonderful, just once a week would be nice........and yes they have no problem trampling us in the night as they do the B 500 around the

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she is gorgeous! I love the pic with her tongue sticking out, adorable!

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love the puppy pics! the one with the little feet in the air is just priceless! Happy Birthday Ayo!

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couldn't resist taking this pic

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