• happy b-day. Here's to another 10 years!

  • Very cute pics! It seems they all keep their very first toy or the one they came with intact. Becca has a Duckie that she never ripped apart. I don't think tucker came with a toy….maybe that is why he destroys everything! Happy belated birthdate Perry.

  • I live just off a road with loads of Charity shops on. People who get there and find them closed are always leaving bags full of stuff outside. I have always despised the low-lifes I sometimes see going through said bags…stealing from Charity shops! Tonight, I am sorry to say, I have joined their ranks

    Well, actually, it was the dog....Butu leapt, and before I could do anything, he was proudly bearing his prize home...it is a stuffed (toy, not taxidermy) otter on a wooden board. He obviously loved it, so he can keep it and I will take it down the Charity Shop tomorrow and pay for it...

  • Proof….

  • Good for Butu! Perry thinks any sort of stuffed toy must be for him. When I bought a couple for my niece's kids, he was sure they must be his. I felt sorry for him…...his eyes got so big when he saw them......but I couldn't give them to him. Had to buy a replacement as a peace offering!

    Perry is the only Basenji I have owned who isn't at all destructive. We have become careless. He does not go into waste baskets for tissues, and we can leave pens lying around with impunity. I credit his breeder, as she had him for his first three years and definitely taught him manners!

  • I was once taking Butu around the ring at a Fun Dog Show when I became aware of the laughter…he had stolen the teddy off a Small Spectator and was walking around with it in his mouth...embarrassing...

  • Happy Birthday Perry and many more wished, Kaiser is a stuffed toy demolisher. I have replaced his favourite duck which he can play with until he starts to pluck and chew it so let's hope he has it many more years as I just love watching him play and carry toys around, so very cute. Perry is very special keeping his toy that long.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Awesome…. They do have a way of warming into your heart.... The stories you must have...

  • Awesome… Perry still looks bad-ass. My B is about to turn 3. How old do you think Perry thinks he is...

  • @Tp3:

    Awesome… Perry still looks bad-ass. My B is about to turn 3. How old do you think Perry thinks he is...

    I am sure he thinks he is just a young fellow, in the same way he thinks he could beat up that Saint Bernard he sees out for a walk! 😉

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