• I've largely been absent on the forum the last year because I have been busy pursuing some big goals to create a better life for myself and
    Oakley…but days like this I like to take a moment to stop and celebrate.
    Anyone who has followed Oakleys "adventures" knows that it's nothing short of a miracle this boy has made it to five. Lucky for me (knock on wood!!) things have been low key and he's kept himself mostly out of trouble. I couldn't imagine a better wingman and I for sure never could've imagined the love I'd find in having him.

    Happy 5th Birthday Oakley 

  • Happy birthday Oakley, and many more!

  • Happy Birthday Oakley !!

  • Happy birthday Oakley!

    Glad you popped back in… so sad the forum is so quiet. 😞

  • Many happy returns from Lela and Binti in Holland!

  • Happy Birthday Oakley from my gang to you.

  • First Basenji's

    Yes, indeed, Happy (belated) Birthday to Mr. Oakley. Yes, I remember some of the good, the bad, and the ugly, and scary from his growing up years!!! Yes, the forum has been pretty quiet, and welcome back! Godspeed in your pursuits!

  • Thanks all, it has been quiet and that really stinks…I miss all the hub bub. I don't know about you all but puppy fever is in full effect for me but it is definitely not the time to add!! But I did notice Pat might have litter plans in 2016....hahaha..makes me wonder

  • Ava and I send (very) belated happy birthday wishes to The Talented Mr. Oakley! He's as handsome as ever– but five years already? My, my, time does fly.

    The forum has been so quiet. I got out of the habit of checking it, because it seemed nobody ever posted. I miss those lively days, too, when somebody always had something to report or discuss. Glad to hear you and Oakley are doing well and prospering!

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