Happy Birthday Malaika

Malaika is two years old today , Hip, Hip, Hurray
Happy Birthday also to her littermates, Daius, Coco, Maisie and Frankie.
She started the day with tuna treats, then a romp down at the river, where she saw a hunt go by and wanted to join in.
Don't know how long her new Kong Wubba toy will last but she sure likes it.

WOW, is that for me ?

and these ?

a birthday hug

LOVE LOVE LOVE the birthday hug picture! That one needs to be framed!

Happy Birthday sweet Malaika!

Happy B-Day!! Looks like your treat wish came true!

Happy birthday, Malaika! Love the hug picture. 🙂

Happy Birthday 🙂

Happy Birthday Malaika for yesterday and many happy returns

Malaika thanks you all

Happy birthday belatedly. 🙂

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