Happy Birthday to Lenny

Another New Years Eve pup! Here are some pics of my little monster!

Happy Barooo Day Lenny!!!

Happy Birthday Lenny!!

Be good this year. No more chewing up the toys that don't belong to you:D

Happy birthday Lenny - hope you got lots of good treats!

Happy "B"-Day, Lenny!!! I really love the pic where you are laying curled up on top of Tayda, I bet that was comfortable, LOL!:D

Happy Barooootiful Birfday Lenny!!! Sister Roxie says hi and big birthday wishes to the rest of the crew: Juju, Jada, and Sullivan. Lenny, the first, was born 3 years and about 5 hrs ago. Roxie, the last, born almost exactly 3 years ago now. 🙂

Lenny is such a special boy to me, and I have to thank Michelle for being such a fabulous mommy! I miss getting to play with my little Lenster. But here are some of my favorite pictures of him.

Grrr, I got you daddy!

Tuckered out Lenny plopping down for a nap on his siblings.

Whatta face!

Pretty baby.

Hardcore Lenny.

First time on the lure.

Leader of the pack, earning his GRC.

Basenji Mix

Happy Birthday Lenny 🙂 Love all of the pictures. The sweetest is of him curled up belly to belly with Tayda. How nice of kiroja to find his baby pictures and what a handsome little show boy! 🙂

Happy Birthday!!

He is very handsome!!! WOW!!!

I didn't know he was first born! cool!

Happy Birthday Lenny!!! You're a very handsome boy! Love the pics! 🙂

Yeppers, he arrived at 9:10pm on new years eve. What a way to bring in the new year!

If I didn't have another boy on the way, he would have stayed here. Special in so many ways. Happy b-day Len!

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