Happy Birthday Mirtillo!

Mirtillo celebrated his second Birthday yesterday!

This year was another wonderful year! Tillo got two diplomas in obedience and we started with agility. We went coursing and track racing and spent two weeks in Sweden, where he got to compete against some beautiful Basenjis and got to meet his mom and another big part of his family. He also earned his first show title: Dutch Youth Champion!

Yesterday we went to the dog park, which was all covered in snow, just beautiful. After that we went to Germany, to spent the weekend at my dad's house, who celebrates his Birthday on the same day as Tillo.

Here some special pics of Tillo's second year:

Obedience, Patiently waiting for me

Perfectly following me


With his mom 🙂

Some showing: Tillo during the Sweepstakes in Sweden.. (He was way too chubby here :rolleyes:)

Tillo in Germany, Best wrinkles 😉

And some action pics

Track racing

And coursing

And yesterday in Germany, two years old already! (and back in shape again ;))

Happy Birthday Tillo! I know 2010 will be great too!

Wow- what beautiful pics! Happy Birthday!! He is such a cutie!! Love your pics, your stories… He is such a good dog!! Thank you for sharing and for being a part of this website!!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Handsome Tillo! 😉 😃

Happy second birthday Mirtillo! Those are great pictures too.

Happy Birthday Tillllooooo!!

Happy Birthday your handsome and pictures very nice thank you for sharing.

Rita Jean

It's so much fun to be on the cusp of a great career. I just know he'll rack up more titles in years to come. Happy Birthday Tilly-O

Happy Birthday handsome Tillo!

Happy Birthday Tillo!!!

You're a great little guy 😃

Thanks for all the kind happy Birthday wishes! 🙂

Hey - Happy baroooday from us, too! :p
2010 will be great for sure!

Being in the same cold and snowy country at the moment… 😃

Happy second birthday Mirtillo, and Happy birthday Mirtillo's grandad 😃

Happy Birthday to a very handsome basenji boy! And Happy Birthday to Lycia too


Happy, happy second Barooday Tillo..you are looking hot as ever.
Janneke, you pictures rock and your boy is perfect..

Happy Birthday, fabulous Mr. Tillo!

It's been great watching this handsome boy progress through pics on the board! HAPPY BDAY TILLO!!! 🙂

Happy birthday Mirtillo - may you have many more!

Happy Bithday Tillo and congratulations on all your achievements. May there be many more to come in 2010. x

Y'all in Europe sure do know how to dress smartly! Tillo's gorgeous, as usual…Happy Birthday! Alles Gutte Zum Geburtstag!

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