Happy Birthday Ayo

Ayo is three years old today!!!!

What a cutie! Love the puppy pics! Have a great b-day, Ayo!

First Basenji's

Happy Birthday!!! The baby pics are to die for!

Happy Birthday, gorgeous boy! Did you know your Mommy's showing baby pics of you? 😉

Happy Birthday 🙂

Happy birthday, Ayo! I know those baby pictures embarrass you, especially the one with your little feeties in the air, but they are so cute we are happy your Mom did post them!

Happy Birthday, Ayo! And many more. 🙂

Oh those baby pictures with the feet on the air!! how dare your mom! Happy Bday!!!

First Basenji's

Happy birthday! And yes, those kicked up legs are toooo much!

Hahahahah hahahahah. Thanks everyone… But I'm his dad.... Hahahahah.... Happy New Year!


Ayo is three years old today!!!!

Ayo, you are beautiful since you were a baby! Cute!

love the puppy pics! the one with the little feet in the air is just priceless! Happy Birthday Ayo!

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