• I am happy to say that today we are celebrating Digital the brindlewonderkid's 14th! birthday. His more formal name is:

    AKC Dual Ch (FC, Ch) Idlewild-Jerlin's Digital, RN SC, MX, MXJ, OAP, OJP, EAC, EJC, OGC, AD, ASFA FCh, TDIA, MVB, 2002/2007 #1 agility basenji (AKC rankings)

    He is the first dog I ever competed with. He is a group winning and multiple best in field dog. And then he had a long career in agility. He's been (sadly) retired from agility since he started to loose his hearing and some noises really startle him. But he does still beg to go to our agility field and play. Mosly this involves standing around while I give him treats, but yesterday he did a few jumps, the dogwalk, the teeter and a few sets of weaves in addition to begging for treats. I think he felt like he had to show Zest he still has it.

    These pics are from today. I wanted to get one of him trotting as his topline is still gorgeous, but my camera and camera skills were inadequate. I have included a few of him sort of stacked but he's hunched up because it was cold/windy out and he did not want to stand still. Not good weather for basenjis, especially one at 14. Jet the trying is 13 and I've included one of him just sitting there. He was pouting because he wanted to go back inside.

    Happy Bday my golden child!

    Diggie and Zest! watching the dogs next door

    Baby it's COLD outside

    Still playful at 14!

    Still hansome!

  • He is a handsome boy. Happy birthday Diggie!!

  • Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Awesome they are both doing so well at their advanced age.

  • Happy birthday, Diggie. You are a wonderful looking young man! Enjoy your special day.

  • That is awesome! When your breed (rottie) often don't live to 10, and 12 is almost a miracle, hearing about teens of any breed makes me happy. But your boy is lovely! WTG!

  • Happy Birthday Digital!

  • Happy B'day Digital! OMG, I would have to write down his "formal name" and keep it in my wallet, I would never be able to remember all of that! 😃

  • Happy Happy Birthday Diggie!!!!

  • Happy Birthday Diggie!!!! He looks great!

  • You look great - Happy Birthday, Diggie!!! :D:p:D

  • Happy Birthday, Diggie. What a wonder kid!! They both look great.

  • Happy Barroooo Day to Diggie! Lookin' great, Dude!

  • Thanks everyone! I just love this dog. He had steak tenderloin for dinner last night and was very disappointed to learn it was not still his Bday this morning when his breakfast was the normal kibble.


    Happy B'day Digital! OMG, I would have to write down his "formal name" and keep it in my wallet, I would never be able to remember all of that! 😃

    confession: I have it all written out and stored on the computer. I can reconstruct it, but I have to write it out to make sure I don't miss anything. Of course it helps that he was always owner-handled. 😉

  • I also wanted to add that I think one of the reasons my boyz look so good at their age is that they were active in agility for many years. Last year Diggie started loosing some muscle mass in his thighs, so he now goes swimming once a week. You can see him featured on April 7th at the pool:
    I wouldn't go as far as to say he enjoys swimming, but he's very good at it and I really think it is helping. And, in Colorado, it's hard to get much exercise in the winter. (Although we do seem to be experiencing global warming so far this winter.) Mike and Connie both tell me he's one of their fastest swimmers. ggg

  • WOW Happy birhtday (one day late, sorry) Diggie looks really terrific!!!!

  • Houston

    Happy Birthday Diggie…hope you had a wonderful birthday..I am so sorry I missed the big day..

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