Happy Birthday Buana

4 years already… our special guy....

In the 4 years you are in our lives you gave so much love to us.
Not only to us but to a lot more people...

You help the elderly and always make them smile and happy again..
They all love you and we thank you so much that you want to give those people so much love...
All the children you work with and love are crazy about you..
Don't forget the people you helped with their fear of dogs...

Bu'tje you are great.. we love you...

And what was there on the toy??? :

Happy fourth Birthday Buana

A very happy birthday and a happy new year Buana!

Happy Birthday Buana!
The fifth pic is spookish :D:D.

Happy fourth Birthday daddy Bu'tje!!! You got some yummie presents!!!

Happy Birthday Buana!!!

Happy Birthday Buana!

Happy Birthday, Buana!

Happy Birthday, Buana. beautiful boy!


Happy Birthday Buana!
The fifth pic is spookish :D:D.

haha yes he was chewing on his cookie 😃

Happy Birthday you look great.

Rita Jean


Happy Birthday Buana..you are looking good. Looks like you scored on gifts..

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