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@may_seeee our basenji is so quiet when he sleeps. You never would know he is there. Please see the vet

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What a cute baby girl!

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@dagodingo we have had our basenji rescue for 4 years. He has never climbed or dug in the yard but we still have issues with he and the cat. We still have to keep them separated Baby steps still after four years Just can’t trust him He is a great companion on the walk Has never learned how to walk on a leash so we keep him in a harness with the 26 foot long leash We also have numerous acres

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@donc We named him Storm because he would tear through the house like a tornado! ❤😩. Not so much now He’s a good boy Most of the time v

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You aren’t walking him far enough. He will go if you extend your walk. Also keep a treat in your pocket to reward him after he goes.

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