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I add fish oil to my dog’s food. It helps.

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Where did she come from? Hard to tell from your photo how tall she is.

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I have a six-year-old Basenji male, a 7 pound toy fox terrier male, and a big male cat. My Basenji also enjoys chasing and pinning the cat. My cat hates it so I have put a stop to it. I use baby gates and I kennel my Basenji when they are in the same room. I refuse to have our cat terrorized because of the Basenji‘s cat and mouse game. Our cat is not nearly as stressed since I have kept on top of this I also keep a can of rocks that I shake when the Basenji begins his stare down. They are not left alone together . I love the Basenji but unfortunately I cannot trust him. It is part of the breed. He goes in the kennel when I have to leave the house.

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We use spring time’s longevity ! Made a big difference after a few months His coat is glossy and it has something in it to cut back on the odor.

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I have always loved the tricolors. She is gorgeous

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I am in Charleston SC and would live to connect with other B owners for Yappy Hour.

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Beautiful markings! ❤

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Storm waits for his walk in the mornings after his breakfast. He prefers to do his business on the trail rather than in our backyard. We usually go 2-3 miles, 3-4 when it’s cooler. He comes home and is pretty much done for the day unless a squirrel visits or another dog. He prefers to sleep in the big wicker chair for most of the day on the back porch until dinner then after that we play a little catch and retrieve and that’s it for him. He comes in and gets in his bed. He loves his routine.

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