Happy Birthday Sonny!

Today I turned 4!

Mom took me to the farm after work and we went for a nice walk 🙂

And after dinner I had a little birthday ice-cream! 😉

awwww, i LOVE that first pic

Happy 4th Birthday, Sonny!!! You're a handsome cutie!!! 😃

Happy Barrooooo Day, Sonny! And many more!!!!

Oh Sonny, you are such a handsome dude! Happy Birthday, you splendid basenji!


♪♪♪ Happy Happy Barooooday ♪♪♪ Sonny..you sweet, sweet boy you.

Looks like you enjoyed your day out at the farm and you yummy ice cream too…Highfive to you!

Happy 4th Birthday Sonny Boy!!

Happy birthday Sonny! 😃

Happy Birthday Sonny!!

You look so cute 🙂

Happy fourth birthday Sonny, looks like you had a great time

Happy 4th birthday Sonny and many more to come :)!

What a handsome boy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sonny your so handsome and pictures show how happy your are. HAPPY BIRTHDAY… Many, many more to come. Happy Birthday from Jaycee and Jayden.

Rita Jean

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