• Hard to believe that my boy is four today (Nov 30th)!! As my first basenji he has been a roller coaster of laughs and cries! I was fully prepared to take home a basenji- three years of research and breeder meetings- then I got home with this ten week old bundle of naughtiness and realized that maybe I was ready to take home a basenji but I was not prepared for an Oakley!! The first few years were filled with extreme anxiety, Both on his part and mine: total separation and confinement anxiety, xylitol poisoning, corneal dystrophy and near death obstruction surgery from eating his leash!!! I am happy to report that things are starting to even out and we are reaching our stride. Life is crazy, and he is my little boy- never have I been so loved and entertained. I'm truly blessed to know life with Oakley. May we have many many more treasured years! Just as his name suggests (Eldorado N Akuaba's I'll Be Your Wingman)..he is my wingman in life- thanks buddy for getting me through some very tough times 😉

    Oh, and by the way- I have been constantly reminding him that at the age of four, basenjis are not allowed to continue engaging in ANY naughtiness or shenanigans. Pretty sure he flipped me the dew claw.

  • Happy Birthday Oakley, and many more happy years for the two of you! Sounds like your relationship has grown and you are being rewarded for perseverance! (he's a very handsome boy!) 🙂

  • yes, you have had your share of issues, but I'm sure it will be smooth sailing from now on!

    happy b-day Oakley

  • aw he is so handsome! Happy Birthday!!

  • First Basenji's

    Awwww! look at those eyes looking at that cupcake! Yep, I remember reading all those posts of pain and laughter, sure have had some history in those first years!!! Hope you're over the hump! NO MORE Shenanigans!!!

  • Very happy birthday! Time simply goes by too fast!

  • He is a special boy(shares my birthday) , Kaiser and I wish him happy birthday and many more to come without any chaos for his mum.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

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