Anubis The Barkless Dog

New to the boards! Here's my little star, 10-months-old Anubis:

We're trying to film a new short every month, and she's also about to make her first feature film appearance!

There's lots of photos on her Facebook:



I took the liberty of posting your video here a little bit ago:

Really well done, clever stuff. And I look forward to more videos of your pup.

Welcome to you and Anubis!!? Great videos!

First Basenji's

Hi Anubis!!
Can't wait for more vids. I like your style and sense of humor.

First Basenji's

My B loves watching his videos and pics shes like omg what is that… I love him!

Thanks everybody! And thanks so much for posting them, agilebasenji!

We're in Wales, UK at the moment for a feature film and Anubis is making her first appearance this Friday!

Haha my Basenji is Anubis too! Hes 5yrs old on the 15th.


Haha my Basenji is Anubis too! Hes 5yrs old on the 15th.

How great! I was fascinated by Ancient Egypt when I was little and always thought if I ever had a dog, I'd call it Anubis. When I discovered an African breed who just looked like Anubis, I thought it was a sign! And it must have been, because my little Basenji was definitely the girl for me 🙂

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