Anubis all crazy after a bath (video)

  • Anubis always goes crazy after baths. He got one to kill any fleas from being outside and so I could apply Frontline flea/tick drops. Dean was video taping him while I was bathing my lab Casey. Does anyone els's Basenji's act that crazy after baths? He was shaking a de-stuffed hedgehog around lol

  • LOL how cute.
    I rarely bathe mine so I don't recall other than rolling on the bed. HOWEVER, when I put Arwen in her crate and go somewhere, as soon as I walk in the door she grabs crate towels and shakes the living daylights out of them. In my mind, I know she is wishing it was me, lol, for leaving her.

  • Kipawa has a few destuffed toys that he shakes like crazy when the mood suits him. I believe this movement is used by many wild animals to kill their prey.

  • Kipawa, that makes sense…maybe he thinks he's killing the toy lol. He loves to throw them through the air too haha. I rarely bathe him but he needed it bad, my 8mo lab got muddy and climbed all over him outside lol. He got gross, plus I needed to apply Frontline as well. But yeah, he acts this goofy everytime he's bathed or just because he feels like it haha.

  • Cute! When mine do a get a bath they usually get the zoomies and then roll on the bed or visa versa.

  • Lol Anubis gets a bad case of the zoomies lol. He has to run around and woo then he will grab any random toy and shake it like mad then zoom everywhere again lol

  • Bungwa uses his stuffed (at least partly stuffed) elephant as a diversion when he's worked up about something else. He shakes it to bits and refuses to let the others get hold of it.

  • Cairo does that after a bath ( he only gets one if he gets into poison ivy, or gets dirty on his walks), B500, then shakes his "gutted" toys, then has to have some duck jerky or beef lung.

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