Beach Videos

Finally got around to uploading them! Excuse the poor quality and VERY loud wind!!

Thanks for the vid's! I can't imagine getting that sand out of the one's coat who decided to roll…That's some thick fur. 🙂

All of your fur folks looked like they had a blast.

You should have seen the state of the car by the time we got home - sand EVERYWHERE!! But, the dogs loved it. Chloe (the one rolling) has terrible allergies and gets very itchy skin to the point where she rips her coat out scratching so it probably felt lovely to have a good roll in the sand 😃

I can imagine what the car looked like. I used to live beach-front in Oregon. My ex-boyfriend had an Australian Cattle Dog who would try to catch the sea gulls. One time, he went shooting across the sand after some and fell into one of those water holes the surf digs. One second there was a dog, the next, a nose sticking up out of the water.

He was the only dog I've ever known who would swim for fun. I can't count the number of times I had to chase him out of my fishing hole after he dove in. He wasn't chasing anything…just wanted to swim.:D


How much fun..they look like they all had a ball…I bet the car was lovely...

The last time we took Otis to the beach he was very busy chasing the seagulls'....shadows on the ground, too funny..he never even realized they were above him..goof.

Love all the dogs in water looked like so much fun. That is all dogs in water but Maya and little pug. The ears on the little pug are so sweet when wind was blowing them back that was cute. With the wind sound it made the think the water was cold. Thank you for sharing they were nice.

Rita Jean

Looks like they all had a great time

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