Paco at the Beach

Took Paco to a small secluded beach to give him some rare "off-leash" (15' leash stayed on and we stayed near) time and see if we could get him in the water. He did reluctantly come in and swim, but he much prefers land.

"I aint fetchin nothing"

"Don't ask me to dig this one out!"

One for the scrapbook:

What a cute face your basenji has!

Can't believe how fast Basenji Pups grow !

Great pictures! Paco is growing so fast! I love the "I aint fetchin nothing" pic 😃

Love the photos, he is really a cute basenji! And that is a lovely beach, you are lucky to have such a nice place to take him to run off leash.

I'm in dreamland… the U.S. Virgin Islands. What a gorgeous place to raise a basenji! The 'father and son' pics are great.

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