Buddy speaks his mind at the beach

I took Buddy to the beach today and brought my camera to show his quiet behavior 😃 It was a little hard with a camera in on hand and a flexi leash in the other while walking. I couldn't keep the camera going for 1 hour straight so I'd turn it on when I knew he's going to talk. I captured quite a few but here's just 3. Sometimes I'd miss though.

WAY too cute!! Thanks for sharing! Buddy looked like he was really enjoying himself 😃

😃 Buddy's vocalizations got headtilts from Watson here when I watched your video…

I just love Buddy…wished he lived closer for Sonny to meet! 😉

First Basenji's

He's got SO much to say!!!! Love him!

Thanks for sharing!


hehe what a funny and vocal little dude he is.

Thanks for posting, I wish Cairo was that vocal. You reminded me of me walking Cairo.

Lovely videos. It's good to see Buddy behaving so nicely and obviously enjoying himself. Thanks for sharing.

He is quite vocal. Looked like he enjoyed his time out there. 🙂

What fun! Wish mine were more vocal, Buddy is a hoot!

First Basenji's

Hehe, I like how he looks around, like he's waiting for an echo. What a cutie.

Love it! Lots of sounds out of him. Kipawa is sitting beside me staring at the computer right now. Would love it if he could join your Buddy on a beach run!

Thanks everyone. He's quite the entertainer! He'll do that too walking on the sidewalk if the traffic is heavy/busy. At home though he doesn't make a sound except maybe a vocal yawn here and there.

LOL, too cute Dan! Thanks for sharing!

I think in those three videos Buddy said more than Akila has in the two and a half years that we've had her:)

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