• Introducing:

    Senjisfinx Gondolin ( red male 7 years old) "Gordon"
    Aaliyah (red female 5 years old) "Laya"
    Thor´s The Fifth Element (brindle female 2 years old) "Leeloo"

    A wonderful day at the beach 2006 🙂

    Ohh how I wish for summer again, were I live we now have cold weather and snow. At least the lake is fun for skating on this time of year…

  • The ones that didn´t fit the first time around…:D


  • These are great pics of your B's. Thanks for sharing. The one climbing the rock is also getting a good manicure. 😃 Is that Gordon or Laya? That is a beautiful and private looking lake.

  • Wish I could go to a place like that and run free!!!

  • Really nice pictures, I dream of places like this to let my b's run free!

  • The one getting a manicure is Leeloo and she is actually slipping down, not climbing up. Leeloo is originally from the US, Fredricksburg, VA. We imported her last summer along with her brother, Bogart, who is the father of our litter this year.

    Yes I know we are very fortunate to be able to live like this. And we are very happy here 🙂

  • What a beautiful pack - it looks they thoroughly enjoy their beach time! Great photos!

  • That beach looks like basenji heaven! I like the rock climbing pic best.

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