• Sonny loves to run & play in the sand…the ocean is another story :p

  • Nice pics of Sonny having fun. His colouring looks great against the blue water. Thanks for sharing these.

  • Sonny has the most gorgeous face. My last Basenji loved the beach but used to wine if we took him down near the sea.

  • Love pics of Sonny Boy. Did he lose some weight? Hey when you getting the new girl?

  • @nobarkus:

    Love pics of Sonny Boy. Did he lose some weight? Hey when you getting the new girl?

    He's just big boned! lol He may have lost a pound 😃 We had to wait an extra 2 weeks for the girl to come up to CT. First weekend in April!!

  • We are headed down to Cannon Beach in Or for a week.
    My b's love it, so, if hubby takes some photos, I will be able to share them with you all.

  • Sharron, have a great time. Dress warm - that wind keeps it a bit nippy, and let your doggie have the time of their lives.

  • Thank Fran, I have the dog sweaters, and can only find one of the rain coats..I have a second one, but my girl is like me, expanded beyond her clothing! laugh.
    But we will make it work.
    Hugs to you. Are you home after all your travels? Make your room for the EBC specality

  • Don't talk to me about expanding beyond your wardrobe. I am down to one pair of jeans that fit okay 😕 Winter is a killer on me - every year it is about 10 lbs. I would have done well as a cave woman - retaining weight for a famine.

    I missed visiting with everyone, but yes, am home safe and sound. I wanted to do gardening this weekend, but the forecast calls for rain.

    I have a short list of places to try, but will try the Best Western first. I have to ask them about the height of the bed, so Darrel can get in and out of it easily. Then we organize a care aide to come in for the a.m. and p.m. But with the travelling we have done, we have it down pat.

    Do have a wonderful time, despite what the weather does. I love that area of Oregon. Years ago we visited Lincoln City and ate clam chowder at every restaurant.

    And yes, I'll get those reservations going this weekend!

    hugs to all of you,

  • Glad your back home. Ask re the handicapped rooms. I have stayed in several, when I traveled with my late mom…they are really wonderful.
    Getting back on track of the beach. It will be great for all of us..good walking and nice feeling of peace with the waves.

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