Beach Fun

I don't care what you say..I don't want to go in…

Hunting for wabbits :p

I'm can I have a treat?

Found a friend..

the joy of freedom 🙂

First swim in the ocean! (he only ended up in the water because he followed the other guy in without thinking about it..pretty funny when he realized what he'd done :eek: )

I'm tired…can we go home now?

What a lovely boy and such great photos..thanks for sharing.

Lovely photos, looks like Sonny had a great time.

great pics would love to find a dog friendly beach.
We were thinking of taking ours to ocean city Md in october when they allow the dogs but would love to find somewhere that opened up sooner.

Topper first got wet by following another dog into the water, too. He discovered it did not kill him, much to his surprise. He only goes in now if he is hot, same with Nicky, not to play but to cool off.
Love your pics, you can tell he had a blast!

That first pic!! Just adorable! What a cute face 🙂 Love the other pics as well, especially the one with him in the water :eek: 😃


What great pictures…love the second one..

Mine also got wet the first time by following other dogs in - and now they both will run in there, but mostly after other dogs.

Great pictures - its wonderful what a little persuasion from a friend can do!

Great pictures of Sonny Boy having fun!

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